Thayer Sports Center

The picturesque Thayer Sports Center is a state-of-the-art athletic performance facility that houses many different sports. Opening in the summer of 2019, his 90,000 sqare foot facility houses 4 blue basketball courts, making it a unique place to play basketball, but a great one nonetheless.

Thayer Sports Center does not just host basketball courts. With a beautiful, NHL quality ice rink, Thayer Sports Center houses minor league hockey, as well as Thayer Academy’s team. There is also a half-ice surface, ensuring the rink gets plenty of use and does not wear out too quickly.

The facility also houses an indoor turf field, great for playing sports like soccer and football during the winter. There are also functional rooms, ensuring that the Thayer Sports Center can house any sort of event.

The Thayer Sports Center is located on the stunning campus of Thayer Academy. Founded in 1877, this elite academic institution sits on 34-acres in Braintree, and has seen tremendous growth in its time, now serving over 700 students.