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Our Story

Zero Gravity was born out of the need for every team at every grade level, boys & girls, in each club basketball program, to have a fun and professional tournament experience each week!

Back in 2010 we saw a major void in the youth sports market place, where there’s a lot of attention paid to the high level, college-bound prospects. The everyday basketball player was being overlooked.

In 2010 the ZG CIRCUIT was born…

We have a simple mission- every basketball player- boy & girl- has the opportunity to play on a great stage, against the appropriate competition, in great venues with safe atmospheres, in an organized fashion on a weekly basis.

We take pride in the ZG experience!

Customer service is our #1 priority before, during and after each tournament. We focus on the experience of the players, coaches, program directors, and team supporters. Paying close attention to all these groups is vitally important to fulfilling our mission and promise to deliver a circuit of exceptional basketball tournament weekend experiences.

We provide the ability to plan your clubs tournament season and we also will help outfit your program in high quality basketball gear by simply visiting our website. The rigors & confusion of planning, searching & trying to build a seasonal tournament schedule are eliminated when working with Zero Gravity.

In the rapidly changing world of technology & social media ZG takes pride in being on the cutting edge of grassroots technology. From our scheduling systems, means of communication to our customers & exposure through social media we take pride in constantly being on top of trends & the high paced realities of technology in our world today.

Zero Gravity has become the destination for "every team" in grassroots club basketball, from the elementary school developmental team to the High School team competing on the National level, along with the coaches, program directors & team supporters that provide & share the experience with them!

Come join us!

CEO Greg Kristof
COO Steve Gibbs

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Staff Directory

Kelsey Bradbury's Profile Picture

Kelsey Bradbury

Director of Northern New England Region

978-922-3348 x7

Andrew Tuthill's Profile Picture

Andrew Tuthill

Director of Southern New England Region

978-922-3348 x705

Jay Cohen's Profile Picture

Jay Cohen

Director of Tri- State Region

978-922-3348 x714

Hunter Stratton's Profile Picture

Hunter Stratton

Director of Capital and Midwest Regions

978-922-3348 x709

Eric Alleyne's Profile Picture

Eric Alleyne

Director of Mid-Atlantic Region

978-922-3348 x4

Scott Geerling's Profile Picture

Scott Geerling

Director of Business Development

978-922-3348 x5

Allen Carmody's Profile Picture

Allen Carmody

Director of Operations

Jason Smith's Profile Picture

Jason Smith

Director of Basketball Operations

Zach Sisera's Profile Picture

Zach Sisera

Associate Regional Director

Jade Carter-Smalley's Profile Picture

Jade Carter-Smalley

Associate Regional Director