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Zero Gravity prides itself on being able to offer an assortment of tournaments to suit each teams needs. Whether you are looking for elite exposure tournaments or a local level to develop your skills, ZG offers them all. Now operating in 23 States, ZG allows teams the opportunity to travel and experience a variety of styles in play. Join us on creating the future of Grassroots basketball!

Rules and Eligibility

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Coronavirus Facility Procedures

The health of our athletes, coaches, and staff is of paramount concern as Zero Gravity develops protocols in response to the coronavirus outbreak. We are working directly with facilities to ensure we are taking all necessary precautions. This is the most accurate information we have at this time and is subject to change as we move forward in this rapidly evolving environment. We will continue to be in contact with our facilities and health officials to help guide our decision-making. See below for statements from our tournament facilities.

Name Type Date Location Grades
ZGXL Exposure 07/09/20 MA/NH
Zero Gravity Coaches vs. Cancer Local 08/01/20 New York - Upstate 4th-12th
Philly Summer Finale Other 08/15/20 Pennsylvania 3rd - 11th
East Coast Summer Slam Other 08/08/20 Pennsylvania 3rd- 11th
ZG Summer Tip-Off North Local 07/10/20 MA/NH 4th-12th
ZG Summer Tip-Off South Local 07/10/20 MA/NH 4th-12th
ZG Independence Showdown Local 07/10/20 Pennsylvania 4th-12th
Boston Breakout Local 07/17/20 MA/NH 4th-12th
Summer Slam Local 08/14/20 MA/NH 4th-12th
Capital District Championsips Local 08/15/20 New York - Upstate 4th-12th
Spookfest at the Nook Major 11/07/20 Pennsylvania 3rd-Var
Hoop Battle Powered by Zero Gravity Local 07/18/20 Pennsylvania 4th-12th
Battle for the Belt Local 07/18/20 New York - Upstate 4th-12th
Commonwealth Classic Local 07/24/20 MA/NH 4th-12th
New York Hoop Festival Local 07/25/20 New York - Upstate 4th-12th
Zero Gravity Big Time Challenge Local 07/25/20 Pennsylvania 4th-12th
ZG Northern Showdown Local 07/31/20 MA/NH 4th-12th
Phight for Philly Powered by Zero Gravity Local 08/01/20 Pennsylvania 4th-12th
Thoroughbread Regional Classic Local 08/22/20 New York - Upstate 4th-12th
ZG Supercup Local 08/07/20 MA/NH 4th-12th
Chicago Challenge Presented by USA Youth Hoops & Zero Gravity Basketball Other 07/25/20 Chicago 4th - Varsity
Zero Gravity Championship Tip-Off Major 09/19/20 MA/NH 3rd-Var
ZG War on the Floor Local 07/18/20 Delaware 4th-12th, BoysGirls
CT Summer Slam Major 08/01/20 Connecticut 2nd-12th
CT Jamboree Major 07/25/20 Connecticut 2nd-12th
CT Classic Major 08/08/20 Connecticut 2nd-12th
ZG Mid-Atlantic Classic Local 07/18/20 Delaware 4th-12th, Boys and Girls
ZG Summer Slam (DE) Local 08/01/20 Delaware 4th-12th, Boys and Girls
Blast at the Beach Major 06/26/20 MA/NH 4th-12th

What type of tournament is right for me?

ZG Major

A ZG Major event is a more competitive event than other Zero Gravity events during the season. These events allow competition between the best teams who travel regionally to compete. There is extended playoff format allowing for more games to be played on the road to the championship. ZG Majors also hold more weight in rankings consideration.

ZG Local

A ZG Local event is a more convenient event based locally allowing for little to no travel between sites. These events have even competition at all levels. ZG Local events are perfect for younger and beginner teams to dip their toes in the club basketball circuit!


ZG Exposure tournaments are ideal for teams that are looking to gain exposure to college programs. These are more competitive events, that often bring talent from all across the region to compete at the highest level in front of D2, D3, and Junior Colleges.


Showcases are designed specifically to give players a chance to be seen, get better, and play against the best in their area. The goal is to provide the very best student athletes an opportunity to be seen by the best D2, D3, and Junior Colleges in the country. Showcases can differ from traditional tournaments in offering a "combine style" of play rather than a playoff format.

Universal Division

This is a division within Zero Gravity tournaments in the Greater Boston for developmental middle school teams that still want professional tournament matchups. The goal for Univeral Division is a focus on the appropriate skill level, while maintaining the professional environment. To make schedules as convenient as possible, teams will only play a maximum of 4 games in a weekend, including championships.

To ensure competitive balance, any team that wins the Universal Division championship will be placed at a higher level for the following tournaments