World Hoops Elite

Coach and Program Director Dennis Coleman graciously took time from his hectic schedule to catch up with Zero Gravity and let us into his world which seemingly revolves around World Hoops Basketball. After Starting with just one team 2 years ago, World Hoops Elite has transcended into a 6-team program poised to compete with strongest competition in any event that they’re in. World Hoops Elite was founded with the hope of giving kids living in a location where it’s easy to be overlooked, the chance to be seen by college coaches. Coleman maintains that their program is home to a number of players skilled enough to play somewhere along the college basketball spectrum upon getting the necessary exposure. Which is exactly what he hopes this year has in store as the program grows even more.

After running 2 teams in the Adidas Silver Gauntlet last season, World Hoops will look to add to their established 16 & 17u programs by running with 12u-17u teams this season. Coleman is confident that the groups they’ve put together at all 6 levels are ready and capable to compete and make some noise this spring and summer. When asked what has allowed his program with traction in landing players, Coleman credits the amount of college exposure they offer through their “World Hoops Scouting Service” along with the copious amounts of hard work his coaching staff puts in day in and day out. When asked of the final vision for his program, Coleman states their primary goal moving forward for the program is being a sponsored “Elite” program. This would not only make it easier to get their kids in front of the right people, but also make the program costs easier for parents and players to foot.

We are extremely excited to have World Hoops Elite on the Zero Gravity Circuit again this year. They are certainly poised to make some noise, and raise some eyebrows this spring and summer. World Hoops will be in the building at the 2020 Chicago Classic as it will be one of the premier Midwestern events running this spring! After a strong showing in the 2019 Chicago Classic, World Hoops is back stronger this year with teams they expect will be competing for the title come championship sunday!

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