Wisconsin Evolution

The next stop on our Program Profile series takes us to Wisconsin where we will get an in depth look at the Wisconsin Evolution, one of the premier youth basketball organizations in the state.

After finishing his playing career, Jason Coker spent a lot of time on the youth basketball scene, working as a referee, coach, and even for a tournament company. Eventually Jason settled on coaching and in 2016 the Wisconsin Evolution was born. In just 4 years, the Evolution has become the largest youth basketball program in southeast Wisconsin. 

The Wisconsin Evolution is so much more than just your typical youth basketball program though. Their primary focus is the teams, but they also host camps, leagues and tournaments. The Program is a one stop shop for all things youth basketball. But that’s not all that separates the Evolution from other programs. 

The Evolution is built on family and they do everything they can to support their players in every situation. Once you join the Wisconsin Evolution you will forever be considered family. Jason and his staff make sure every player feels like they are a part of something special. Every player in the program will get playing time and the level of training they need to better themselves on and off the court.

After running their first camp in 2016, the Evolution used the funds from the event to help pay for a heart transplant for Lily, a girl in their program. Lily was a huge fan of former Wisconsin player, Frank Kaminsky and the Evolution brought Frank out at their next camp so that Lily could meet him. Everything the Wisconsin Evolution does is for their players, they truly care about everyone in their program and it’s these types of actions that prove it.

In just a short few years the Wisconsin Evolution have seen a ton of success on the court and with that success they’ve also seen their name grow as a basketball power. Over the next 5 years the Wisconsin Evolution have big goals that they expect to meet. Jason has hopes of building his own facility where his teams can practice and host tournaments and camps. They also plan to make a national name for themselves as they begin to play in the Adidas Gauntlet and other big events across the country. 

Jason and the Wisconsin Evolution family have done all they can to keep players engaged during these trying times. The EVO Trick Shot Contest was created on Social Media which garnered a ton of submissions from current players. It was fun to see all the amazing trick shots by Evo players but it wasn’t long before the program got down to business. Shortly after the trick shot contest the Wisconsin Evolution were back in the gym playing games safely. 

After a shortened season, the program is already looking ahead to 2021 with a recent announcement for tryouts. To stay up to date with everything that the Wisconsin Evolution does, make sure to follow them on Twitter @evo_hoops and on Instagram @_evolution_basketball_