WE R1 was formed in 2010 after coach Matt Pauls (East Coast Elite), Terrell Myers (Team NJABC), and Ron Martin (ECE/DE Panthers) merged their three individual programs into one after realizing their shared vision on how a grassroots basketball organization should be run. Since this merger, We R1 has become one of the top organizations in grassroots basketball today. With over 50 teams across 4 different states, WE R1 is becoming the premier program in the PA/DE area.

Coach Tre Prescott answered a few questions for us about his time with We R1. Tre said that even though managing over 50 teams can be challenging, having great coaches and athletes within the program make it not only manageable, but easy to do and enjoyable. Coach Prescott also said that the program excels in their athlete management. He believes that their ability to help the athletes in their program make good decisions on and off the court is one of their best attributes. To go along with this, Tre also believes that their attention to detail and their ability to help the kids in their program achieve their goals are what sets them apart from other programs.

Zero Gravity could not be more excited to have WE R1 join us in our Zero Gravity Spring Circuit in 2020! Always good to see one of the most high-class organizations in our tournaments come spring time. Be on the look-out for WE R1 this spring, they’re a program that you should be noticing!!