Today’s Program Profile takes us to the Greater Boston area with TEAM SIMS. Program founder, Courtney Sims started this journey in February 2017 by creating Too Much Game INC. Later growing into several teams, they rebranded into TEAM SIMS in April of 2018.

Courtney has had an extremely successful career in the basketball world. He has been coached by some of the best basketball minds along the way. John Beilein at Michigan, Nate McMillan at the Indiana Pacers, and Nick Nurse in the NBA Development League just to name a few. This has clearly had an impact on the program as his players have the luxury of those same methods and lessons being passed on to them.

Courtney knew he would go back to where it began. He points to the fact that when he began, he was a bench warmer. He built himself into a prospect. “It was always my goal to have a program and develop kids into a better version of themselves both on and off the court. That’s how you impact the game at the end of the day. I have three kids, but they’re all young and one day they will be wearing these jerseys along with my outlook. That is always on my mind. I’m Boston through and through so I always wanted to make a program right here and be apart of it in every stage.”

TEAM SIMS is based out of multiple areas, with hubs in Braintree, Lexington, and Foxborough Mass. Courtney is a big believer in having a program that brings together players of all different types. “I strongly believe that being on a team with guys from different demographics, backgrounds, and ethnic groups is one of the most important aspects in growth as an individual and player. I’ve played all over the world with all types of different people and learned so much in life just because of that fact.”

Courtney’s mission is simple. “ I want to inspire and develop young athletes to develop their abilities by providing them with the innovative training, highly competitive team play and industry leading coaching expertise that yields REAL results. I want the kids in my program to have a similar journey as I did. Of course I want them to have a successful basketball career, but I also want to set them up to be successful when their playing days are over.”

When first established, then Too Much Game INC., started with only two 8th grade teams and two coaches. Now just two years later, TEAM SIMS has a total of 14 teams and a staff of numerous coaches. “The biggest difference in the present TEAM SIMS I believe is that our program is now not only a youth basketball program but also a comprehensive sports performance brand. At our start it was my goal to create highly competitive teams that would develop kids that had true enthusiasm in the sport and share my knowledge being a player who was still competing myself abroad. Now, as retired professional player and have devoted my full energy to creating a brand that encompasses teams (both boys and girls), clinics, camps, apparel, and personal training.”

Courtney’s professional basketball experiences play a major role in the direction of the program. “Our program excels in professionalism. That’s something that is important to me. Basketball is something that fed my family, put a roof over my head, and is the reason I have a college degree so I take it seriously. We teach kids how to WORK hard. I have kids that have come to me and can’t get through one of my workouts. Once they buy in they always end up wanting more! It’s because we yield results. I have kids in my program that have been with me since the beginning and they can out lift and out run anybody. We teach that ‘dog mentality’ at TEAM SIMS. If you come under my wing you need to have that mentality. You need to have the drive to be better and be challenged. I give my kids something to use as a measuring stick so when they go back to their seasons, they know that if they can get through my clinics and practices everything else is easy.”

The coaching staff is what separates TEAM SIMS from the other programs. Courtney has played at the highest levels from College to top International Leagues to the NBA. It doesn’t end there. Three other members of the staff have played professional ball, 5 others have played Division 1 College ball, and another 6 earned scholarships on the collegiate levels. “From top to bottom we have over two decades of collective experience. We’ve seen everything, we’ve earned our stripes, and we know how to succeed using this game as the catalyst. I get kids asking me for my advice on a daily basis and my answer always is learn from someone who has been where you’re trying to go. Would a lawyer be taught from a chef? Or a doctor from a real estate agent? No. In my programs I’m training my kids things I’ve picked up from college, from the NBA, from some of the top coaches in the world.”

Courtney points to the staff as the main reason for the success and growth of the program. “They know what the goals are. They had to buy in before anyone else. We are a family so we move as such. I think having a core that moves as a collective group is a huge factor when creating something for the long term. My proudest moment is helping seven of our players get accepted into private schools this year. Academics and the pursuit of education is something that is as entwined in my program as athletics.”

Sims is looking forward to 2020 Spring Circuit. “I look forward to seeing my guys get out there and leave it all on the floor. I’m excited to see the young players show their growth not only as players, but also as people. My oldest players will be participating in the ZGXL circuit, which everyone is excited about. They know what I expect out of them, so I’m confident they will get out there and represent on the ZGXL Circuit.

Look for TEAM SIMS on the 2020 Spring Circuit to see what they are about. They will certainly be in the mix to bring home some hardware and maybe even cut down the nets! #RoadtoZGFinals