Team Huncho & Legacy Hoops

For this week’s Program Profile, we are highlighting Team Huncho and Legacy Hoops out of Virginia Beach. I got a chance to speak with Athletic Director Shaye Ginyard who oversees the program along with MBB Director Levi Charity and WBB Director Terrance Britton. Team Huncho started three years ago as Kyngs Court based out of Portsmouth VA. They changed the name to Team Huncho to honor Coach Levi’s brother Akili McGruder, who tragically passed away during the 2021 season.  

Shaye came from a basketball family and started her basketball career in Connecticut where she grew up. She took her talents to Indiana to play basketball. After injury, she returned home to begin her coaching career at the Convent of Sacred Heart in Greenwich, Connecticut. When she moved down to Virginia she promised herself that she wouldn’t do any basketball while she was there. She wanted to take a step back while her daughter was going through the AAU circuit, but didn’t feel the love from other coaches and was pushed by her daughter to start her own program. The program has grown exponentially as they have over 80 student-athletes in the program with both boys and girls teams.

 The goal has always been for these programs to be more than basketball.  She said with the kids “it’s more than winning, it’s about mentorship.” You see these teachings on and off the court as the lowest GPA in the program is a 2.6. This team of coaches pride themselves on going after overlooked players and building a team of underdogs. One of their shining moments is going to Vegas and securing one of their players a scholarship offer. This is the beginning of offers being made for this program. Looking forward to seeing her,  Team Huncho and the Legacy Hoops athletes at upcoming Zero Gravity events.

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