Team Flight

Program Profile – Team Flight (VA) 

Team Flight originated as an Adult Basketball league before changing gears toward grassroot basketball. Team Flight is based out of Prince George, Virginia and was established in 2018. Although small in numbers, Team Flight has made immense improvement over its three years as a program.


What is your favorite memory with your program?

Finishing second place at my first ever tournament. I decided to enter a team and seeing some of the guys get exposure write ups was extremely gratifying.


What is the hardest part about having your own program?

 I am a young coach/director (30 years old now). I can relate to the kids, but it’s getting older parents to understand that I know what I am doing. Also finding gyms for practice, adding new players, and financials (some players/parents do not have the financial means for grassroots basketball)


What do you think your program excels in?

Getting kids that played with us exposure and being able to help them better learn and understand the game of basketball.


How can you elevate your program to the next level? 

By continuing to stand by three of our principles, Determination, Dedication, and Discipline


What separates you from other programs? 

We are not a brand sponsored team, so most of our players are not highly regarded in that aspect.  We try and grab the kids with potential and give them the tools to reach their full potential to become that elite level athlete to get a scholarship.


Where do you see your program in 2 years?

Being a program where college coaches come to look at our players and offer them to play at their respective university/college.


What, in your opinion, is the biggest factor to your program’s growth/success?

My organization is family oriented, all our coaches are passionate about basketball, and we are hands on with all our players. Our communication and bonding with our kids does not just stop when the season ends.


What is your favorite ZG tournament? Southern Cup


What would you say is your program’s mission statement? 

Mentoring the youth, building character in our players through sports, with team standards, rules, and community service.


What are you looking forward to most about the Spring 2020 ZG season?

Competing on a high level and getting former and new players more exposure.


What’s been your proudest moment as Director?

Getting my program name out there for having talented kids and giving kids the opportunity to see/visit other areas outside their normal living area that they may not have gotten to see if it not for basketball.


What impact has your program had in your local community?

We have gained a lot of support in helping the kids see more and do more.  They like how it’s not all about winning.  The program is trying to give and teach life lessons.


What is your favorite aspect of being a program director?

 Being able to teach and mentor kids, but also being able to know you had a helping hand in seeing these kids blossom into something great, even if it is not with basketball.


What made you start the program?  

I love the game of basketball, and I was working at this local community center, I was 27 at the time, where a lot of inner-city kids come and play.  I would watch them play basketball all day, just seeing the passion, joy, and the talent that no one else would even see or know about playing in front of me.  I asked some of the kids if I started a team would they play and they said yeah.  I grabbed a few kids and bought some jerseys and the first tournament I paid for and played in was the 2018 Zero Gravity Southern Cup.  We literally had no practice and the team was put together literally hours before our first game and made it to the championship. We lost, but that made me realize that starting my own organization would be worth it.


What role model do you have your players look up to? 

Most of my players look up to me (via what their parents tell me).  I tell them to look at someone they can relate to, that does positive things, and that has never let adversity distract them from whatever their goal maybe.