Southern Maryland HEAT

In the latest edition of Program Profiles with ZG, we are highlighting the Southern Maryland HEAT. Vice President ~ Derico Prout was kind enough to answer these questions, so everyone can learn more about SMD HEAT!


When did the program start?

Southern Maryland Heat were established in 2009

How big was it when it was first established?

We first started with 2 teams 26 players and 6 coaches

What’s the biggest difference from your program now, to 5 years ago?

Over the past 5 years we have started to place players into college programs to play at the next level, as well as gained attention of partial sponsors.

Where is the program based out of?

Southern Maryland, our actual base is in Waldorf, Md. However, we have players from Prince George’s County and all over St Mary’s and Charles Counties.

What is your favorite memory with your program?

Taking the JV and Varsity boys teams to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

What is the hardest part about having your own program?

Funding and obtaining ample game-time to keep up with the number of members and teams we have.

What do you think your program excels in?

Our program excels at developing players who have been overlooked by bigger programs. We also take pride in forming relationships with Colleges on the men’s and women side.

How can you elevate your program to the next level?

Obtaining funding to lessen expenses for parents, continuing to attend clinics and bringing in coaches and trainers to help our student athletes grow.

What separates you from other programs?

Character of our coaches, transparency, longevity and relationships we have built.

Where do you see your program in 2 years?

We see our program growing even more and becoming a model program for other programs to follow. We also see our program as a vital piece in our community for citizens to receive support.

What, in your opinion, is the biggest factor to your program’s growth/success?

Obtaining resources, money and facilities as well as knowledgeable coaches and trainers.

What is your favorite ZG tournament?

Prime Event had to be my favorite from 2 years ago.

What would you say is your program’s mission statement?

The mission of the Southern Maryland HEAT athletic Program, Inc. (SMD HEAT) is to empower youth, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances to become leaders in our community.

What are you looking forward to most about the Spring 2020 ZG season?

Even competition and organized events!

What’s been your proudest moment as Director?

The proudest moment would have to be every time an alumni ends up signing to play college basketball or more recently as student athletes graduate college and step into the professional world.

What impact has your program had in your local community?

Community service is huge for our program, we have made a significant impact in our community through toys, clothes and food drives, road cleanup days, as well as a free basketball summer clinic

What is your favorite aspect of being a program director?

Empowering and grooming our coaches and trainers to get their players to the next level.

What made you start the program?

The Boys and Girls club that our co-founder was leading was closed due to the funding being taken away. We felt that kids in the neighborhoods still needed a safe environment where they can participate in clubs and sports.

What role model do you have your players look up to?

We have different levels of role models for our players to look up to such as: Local politicians, teachers, pro and semi-pro athletes as well as alumni who recently graduated high school or college.