Program Profile – VA Havoc

ZG Report had a chance to chat with Chris Johnson and VA Havoc. VA Havoc is a name we will be hearing frequently this Spring season as this program is hungry and ready to get things going. The Havoc is a team to lookout for on the Mid-Atlantic Circuit, as they have teams ranging anywhere from grade school all the way up to the high school level.

VA Havoc was created by Chris Johnson in 2014. He created this program originally to help the higher level recreational athletes to continue to play basketball in the spring and the summer to continue evolving their skillset. With this being their 9th season, they have now evolved into one of the bigger names in the Mid-Atlantic region, and have now become an Under Armour sponsored program.

Over the nine years in which this program has been around, they are starting to take a different turn towards the exposure of their players to help them achieve their journey. Exposure has become the main focus of the majority of AAU programs, but the VA Havoc have not gone away from their roots, as their main priority is still making sure their athletes get to where they want to be by keeping them in the gym.

When asked what he preaches to his young athletes, Chris responded with, “Stay committed to the work, and continue to be disciplined”. He also added, “You stay committed to the work in anything you do, you will get the results, it is all about progress and being better than you were yesterday”. This is evident in the way his teams play as they are always competing at the highest level.

Chris previously coached at Verona High School in 2016, and also was a director for a recreational program with over 600 kids. He recently became a part of the executive board for 804 Coaches for Change, a program that is a meaningful voice for the youth in Richmond, Virginia, educating, inspiring and empowering student athletes to confront racism and social injustice.

Looking ahead towards our 2022 Spring Circuit, VA Havoc are excited for the tournaments around Richmond like the Rumble in Richmond and the Southern Showdown, and are also looking forward to The Summit at Spooky Nook later this May.

VA Havoc has been growing more and more each year, and are looking forward to a massive 2022 Spring Season! We are excited to see the competitiveness from these teams, and are looking forward to seeing what hardware the Havoc might bring home this season.

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