Blueprint Basketball

Today’s Program Spotlight brings us over to the Green Mountain State to visit a program who started a mere 3 years ago and has not only stayed strong through COVID but has even grown.  


Blueprint Basketball, based out of the Chittenden, Vermont area, started just 3 years ago with 9 teams (7 boys, 2 girls). Coach, program director, and Vermont native BJ Robertson has taken his program to new heights since 2019 and given so much of himself to all his players. 


“I started the program because I wanted to change the culture of basketball. Our program has impacted our community with kids who haven’t experienced basketball at a high level, now can for boys and girls. It has also helped coaches have more opportunity to coach and learn the game. The biggest factor in our program to be successful is having quality coaches.” 


Once BJ had year one under his belt, he knew that this was something he wanted to do for a long time. Seeing his players developing on and off the court got him hooked.  


“My favorite memory was our first year with Blueprint. Seeing how many kids wanted to play for our program. Our first year we had 9 teams (7 boys and 2 high school girls). Our biggest difference in our program is the size for sure, but our culture in the program of having good people. We excel in creating great players and people. We don’t focus on one aspect of the game.” 


This ideal comes to light in the Blueprint mission statement:  


“Blueprint Basketball is a youth basketball program, BIPOC owned business in Vermont providing high level basketball skills training and coaching through a variety of group programs, camps, clinics and individual and group sessions. We take a holistic approach to youth athletics, also focusing on the mental well being of our players and community. We value the varying range of experiences within our program and we aim to meet each player where they are at physically, emotionally and socially. By strengthening our basketball community, Blueprint aims to bring positive attention and opportunity to Vermont basketball and beyond.” 


But with the success comes some setbacks as well. Planning can be a challenge especially for a program as rapidly growing at Blueprint. Not to mention finding facilities for teams to be able to call home during the season. 


“The hardest part about the program is all the behind the scenes work. Creating a large facility to house all our kids we have in our program would definitely help. But my favorite aspect of being the program director is being able to reevaluate each year to improve and make changes. My proudest moment is seeing this program develop the way I have wanted it to.” 


In talking to BJ today, we learned so much about not only Blueprint Basketball, but their background and how far they have come. For a program to develop while most folded back in 2019-20, it is incredibly impressive to say we will see quite a few Blueprint teams on court across multiple states this upcoming spring. 


We had a great time talking with BJ today and we are truly looking forward to watching Blueprint Basketball on the circuit this Spring along the #RoadToZGFinals!