Philly Hurricanes

Zero Gravity’s Program Profile Series takes us to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where we get to meet Director Maurice Davis and his program, Philly Hurricanes! Started in 2001, the Philly Hurricanes organization has been around the grassroots basketball scene for almost two decades. He started the program because he wanted to make a difference in his neighborhood and show the kids in his community something positive. Starting with only two teams, they stuck mainly to local tournaments in the Philadelphia areas, and after a successful first season, they were able to begin growing their program. This past spring season, they had team offerings from as young as 8u all the way to a 17u team. However, the growth wasn’t immediate. Program Director Maurice Davis admitted that the program wasn’t really known until about five years ago, and since then they’ve been able to become a more widely known program in Philadelphia.

When asked about what sets them apart from other programs, Maurice said that they excel in player development, as well as getting the players in their program to be both physically and mentally ready to play. He also says that they teach their players how to play basketball the right way within a team concept. He thinks that this as well as having highly motivated kids in his program will help them become one of the best programs in the Mid-Atlantic Region and getting to compete on a national level consistently. Maurice also said that their ability to keep their players and have them progress through their program helps their growth and their team success, as the kids get used to playing with each other year after year and can grow with each other.

Maurice and the Hurricanes strive to give inner city kids in the Philadelphia area the opportunity to get off the streets and get involved in something positive. He said the program is dedicated to the children’s mental, physical, and social development, offering a comprehensive year-round program that includes supervised and individualized workouts plans for the kids in the program. He says their mission is to teach young children the importance of teamwork, leadership, and community involvement in addition to self and social awareness.

Maurice said that his favorite part about being Director of the program is still being able to coach. He’s always loved and had a passion for coaching, and still credits coaching his teams has his favorite part of being with the program. Because of the positive relationships he’s been able to build with the players in his program over the years, he’ll bring back alumni of the program to come and be role models for his current teams. He feels there is no better example of someone to look u

Every year, Maurice and the Philly Hurricanes look forward to coming to Zero Gravity’s Phight for Philly at Competitive Edge Sports to show that they’re the best team in Philadelphia. We look forward to having the Philly Hurricanes back with us at Phight for Philly and many other Zero Gravity tournaments this spring. Be on the lookout this spring for the Philly Hurricanes, as there ready for a breakout season this spring!!

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Philly Hurricanes