One Dream

Today’s Program Spotlight brings us to the Granite State to check out a newer program that has really made some noise since the start.

One Dream is based out of Nashua, NH and only recently started in the Fall of 2018 with 4 teams. Since then, they have expanded to 10 teams and continue to grow. However, program director Austin Denton doesn’t want to grow all too quickly.

“I like to keep it small because we’re a family and it’s the best environment for individual coaching and development.”

But even with keeping the program smaller, Denton still finds difficulty in ensuring his presence on the court for everyone. However, with the family atmosphere that has been built it makes things much easier.

“I think the hardest part is making sure you can be everywhere for each team. My parents [of my teams] help to make everything easy.”

Yet with the hardships and difficulties, of course, comes plenty of reward.

“I enjoy going on trips to different states where we play against new competition and the players get to experience new places they might have never had the chance to visit. If you are not having fun and learning along the way, then what’s the point?”

Denton’s confidence in his teams when traveling to play out of region clearly comes from the fundamentals and skills they work on both on and off the court.

“These kids really learn how to play the game. We stress passing, teamwork, and executing fundamentals first. We are a family and we have fun. Our guiding principles are: One Team, One Dream, One Family.”

This all being tied back to the program’s mission statement, truly laying out what they are all about:

“One Dream focuses on building basketball skills while encouraging individual mental and physical growth through personalized coaching and team play.”

Denton is really looking forward to the 2020 season and seeing what the “continued growth and hard work by [their] players” will bring in addition to their undeniable “commitment from coaches, players and families”.

“I’m looking forward to some of the new changes and competing against new teams [while] getting to know different people and watching my players grow and excel.”

Looking to the spring 2020 circuit, we can’t wait to see One Dream back in action all over New England! In talking to Austin, we saw what a family environment in a tight-knit program can do for player development both on and off the court. In running clinics for local communities allowing for their young student-athletes to become role models for younger upcoming players, this helps them develop not only a relationship off the court but their leadership skills on the court as well which Denton prides his program on. Starting One Dream with the goal of “providing an environment for kids to learn and love the game of basketball”, Denton has seen all that and more.

We are truly looking forward to having One Dream back on the circuit this spring along the #RoadToZGFinals!