DMV Hoopstarz

For this ZG Report, we had the opportunity to have a great conversation with Mike Myers, the program director for the DMV Hoopstarz. Based out of Laurel, MD, this non-profit program provides services to all skill levels from the early development stage up to the national travel team level. The Hoopstarz have boys’ teams ranging from 4th grade to 12th grade, with their players coming primarily from the Prince George, Howard, Montgomery, and Anna Arundel Counties. Starting as a one team program in 2017, they have rapidly grown to have teams at each grade level in only 3 years. Looking forward, their main goal is to provide teams for girls and boys at all grade levels who do not have access to skilled coaching.

When asked about their mission statement, Mike stated that the DMV Hoopstarz are a, “basketball organization that sets out to help players develop and feed their passion for the game. To accomplish this goal, we invest in the development of our coaches and trainers to expand their understanding of the game. We take pride in helping players learn the techniques and skills that will allow them to play the game at a competitive level.” Mike highlighted throughout the interview that a main goal of their organization is to help their young athletes grow as individuals on and off the court.

The DMV Hoopstarz have four values that they instill in their players as they grow with their program, “education, respect, family and character”. Education is important to them because, “a player who excels in the classroom is a player who excels in life”. One of the most impressive parts of this interview was when Mike went on to talk about how they teach their players respect, saying, “Basketball is played around the world and we want players to embrace the different cultures they interact with on and off the court as diversity is key to a better understanding of people. To reach this goal, we teach all players to love the game and how to compete at a high level while maintaining respect for their coaches, teammates and opponents”. Its clear that the DMV Hoopstarz have the right goals and aspirations in mind when molding their athletes into young adults.

When asked about what separates the DMV Hoopstarz from other programs, the emphasis on academics and community involvement were brought up. The Hoopstarz are heavily involved in the preparation of their student athletes’ journey to the college level and beyond. They also participate in a can, food, and coat drive during the holidays to help raise good for local community members in need as well as a back-to-school drive to help gather school supplies for students in need! The DMV Hoopstarz have rapidly evolved into one of the most respected youth basketball programs in the DMV area. Not only do they have a mission to grow their program even larger, but they have the right goals in mind when raising their players to be honorable young adults in their communities.

We cannot wait to see the DMV Hoopstarz compete in the 2021 Zero Gravity Spring Circuit!  They are a highly competitive program who will be fun to watch!

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