Delco Goats

Stopping in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, we had the chance to highlight one of the area’s prominent basketball programs, the Delco Goats! Led by Jules Raucci and Lauren Stackhouse, the Goats programs has been running for the last 3.5 years! In their inaugural year, the Goats had about 20 teams running in the springtime, and this coming spring they’ll have 28 teams servicing boys and girls from 3rd grade all the way through 12th!


The Goats program has done a tremendous job of keeping their players and families engaged, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, they were doing multi-week zoom training sessions to help keep those in their communities involved, in shape, and engaged with the program. This level of commitment is something that Lauren thinks set the Goats program apart from others, as well as their ability to develop the players that come through their program. She also believes that the relationships they build with the players only helps the players feel more confident in themselves and grow as basketball players and individuals.


The Delco Goats picture themselves continuing their growth over the next few years, becoming one of the most prominent names in the youth basketball scene in the Mid Atlantic region. To do this, they want to find ways to improve the way the develop the players within the program,, while adding more training opportunities throughout the year for all the players within the program.


After a great summer and fall season from the Goats, Zero Gravity couldn’t be more excited to have them playing at our events again in 2021! The Goats players and coaches have quickly become familiar faces to the ZG Mid Atlanitc circuit, and we couldn’t be more excited to see all the hard-working players and coaches back on the hardwood this spring. Lauren and Jules have worked tirelessly over the last 3.5 years to turn the Delco Goats into one of Delaware County’s top programs for athletes in the area to turn to. Their drive and determination to better the players within the program is something that players looking for a program should take note of.


Be sure to follow the Delco Goats on all their social media platforms to keep up with what they have going on. Zero Gravity Basketball loves having the Delco Goats part of our Mid Atlantic spring circuit, and can’t wait to see what they do in 2021!


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