Cap City Basketball

Today’s Program Spotlight brings us up north to visit a program deep in the heart of New Hampshire that was born out of the director’s need “to teach basketball and to teach the game that gave [him] so many opportunities to see the world.”

Cap City Basketball, based out of Manchester, Concord, and Hampton, New Hampshire, started just 5 years ago with only 2 teams. Coach and program director, Joey Craigue, has since expanded the program tremendously with over 25 teams under his belt.

“We started with two teams in 2015 and went to 25+ teams in 5 years, which I’m very proud of.”

In developing the program as a whole, Joey Craigue thrives on the family atmosphere of it all. Taking kids into the program and ensuring each and every one’s development plays such a pivotal role in not only their expansion and retention, but also in Craigue’s love for what he does.

“Seeing all the kids grow up year after year has been amazing for me. Our biggest factor in our growth and success is definitely caring about the kids and knowing how to make them better, both of which we do really well. Deciding what’s best for our kids..that’s what I care about most.”

Joey’s main focus is improving the younger developmental teams. Having D1 teams and players is always on the radar, but that is not his primary concern.

“Skill development [is our focus]. We don’t really want to get to the next level. A lot of these kids aren’t going to make it to the college level. We just want to give these kids a good experience.”

Joey’s background has also really helped him build his program and his players from the ground up. Putting in the work is nothing he is unfamiliar with.

“I played division 1 and professionally. And I know what to focus on to get better as I had to do it to get myself better. ”

Cap City also vets all of their coaches in the program. Joey ensures that all coaches are people who are not only qualified, but has that special spark in them to inspire every last player.

“Anybody that is a coach in our program has got to be a role model, otherwise he shouldn’t be there.”

Looking to the ever changing fall 2020 circuit, we can’t wait to see Cap City Basketball all over New England! But what are they looking forward to the most?

“We are looking forward to COVID going away. Things have completely changed, we have had to follow the CDC recommendations diligently.”

As we all are continually evolving our everyday lives around the unprecedented times we’re currently experiencing, one thing is very clear: basketball and youth sports are here to stay. Things may be different with new guidelines, regulations, and protocols, but all programs are in the same boat. Cap City Basketball, along with all other participating programs, have had to make every adjustment necessary in order to keep our young student athletes engaged and involved. But despite all this, we will be seeing plenty of the red, black and white on our circuit this season!

We had a great time talking with Joey today and  are truly looking forward to having Cap City Basketball back on the circuit this fall along the #PathToTheBelt!