Bucks County Elite

Bucks County Elite is a fairly new program based out of Levittown, Pennsylvania. Started only two years ago, their success and growth over the last two years has been great, adding a boy’s side to their program as well as acquiring an equipment sponsorship. What makes this organization so unique is the way that they operate – for free. Run by the Monroe Foundation for Youth, they rely solely on grants and fundraisers to pay for all tournament fees, equipment, and uniforms for the kids who play for them. Director Monroe has made it the mission to ensure the kids in Bucks County have the opportunity to play basketball, no matter what their financial situation is. They want to bring the game of basketball to anybody who may be wanting the chance to play but doesn’t have the opportunity because of the cost associated with joining a travel team.

Bucks County Elite was very successful this past season, with their girls’ team winning 12 straight championships, including one Zero Gravity championship at the 76ers Fieldhouse! Coming into the Spring 2020 season, Coach Monroe said that the team is looking forward to playing in more ZG tournaments this year, as well as getting to play new competition and travel to different places. Being able to play different competition, as well as their unorthodox training methods, has led to drastic improvement in their players year-to-year. Coach Monroe points to this as one of the proudest moments being a part of Bucks County Elite: “I remember one particular young lady who really struggles and when she started to improve the smile on her face was unforgettable.”

Zero Gravity can’t wait to see the continued growth of this up and coming program, and we look forward to having them join us for the 2020 Spring Circuit this year!