Bay Area Eagles

We were lucky enough to have to oppurtunity to catch up with Steven Ho the director of the Bay Area Eagles. He shared a lot of great information about his progran and how he intends on continuing to better the youth and community with basketball.
  • Our program started five years ago in 2014
  • The love of basketball is what drove me to start this program. Basketball is a vehicle to teach and interact with patrons!
  • When our program first launched in 2014, we had one team of five players who were then in the 6th grade. The biggest difference we’ve seen in the past five years have been consistency. We, as a program, strive to develop players and bring out the best in them. We have been extremely blessed and fortunate enough to see our past players participate in multiple high school teams in our area
  • Our program is based out of Fremont/Union City and is in proximity to the better known San Francisco, Bay Area.
  • Being a diverse melting pot, I encourage our players to search for role models that will cognitively push them to being socially conscientious and just. I constantly push for our players to be caring and empathetic
  • The memories have been innumerably priceless. We’re extremely humbled for the wins but also highly gracious for the losses. In retrospect, winning the Jam On It Reno Memorial Day Championships four years in a row have been the most personally rewarding.
  • We’re not too particularly active with recruiting players, but the recruitment process is probably the hardest part due to the notoriety of youth basketball in our area. With the well publicized success of the Golden State Warriors the past few years, new programs have been popping up, seemingly on a daily basis. With the volume of new programs, players are no longer loyal to one particular program and tend to bounce around. Fortunately for us, we have been fortuitous in retaining our core groups of players.
  • We pride our selves on being the definition of “grassroots” basketball. Our players normally enter our program at nine years old. We train, develop, mold and teach as the players and teams grow together
  • In all honesty, every program wants to expand and we’re no different. But “next level,” to us, is defined as creating joy and possible recognition for our players and hopefully the future can provide success, not only to us as a program, but to the personal growth of our players
  • At the risk of sounding cliche, hard work is what makes us different than other programs. Work ethics were instilled in us when we were young children, so we want to replicate those traits and teach our players what it means to really work hard to achieve their goals on and off the court
  • As Director, it’s extremely gratifying to see the smile on the faces of our players. I think the unadulterated joy of our players brings us most pride because that’s happiness in it’s purest form. I’m very hands on with everything regarding our program, but my most favorite hat to wear is “Coach.” Coaching brings tremendous satisfaction knowing at the end of the day, I was instrumental in our players development
  • We have seen multiple teams follow in our foot steps, in terms of tournament choices, branding and how practices are ran. We have also noticed our impact within the AAU community by the plays that are ran, defensively and offensively. Not to sound boastful, but it’s a copy cat industry. We’ve also noticed the wide spread adornment of Adidas clothing and merchandise in our area, which translate to a better economy through fiscal circulation
  • Our vision is to be as competitive as possible. We want to continue to grow and contribute to the community as much as possible
  • ¬†Passion has been the biggest factor of our programs success. Our coaching staff, from top to bottom, are very passionate about our players. We sincerely believe that our passion permeates through the AAU community and showcases our care for our players and parents
  • Our personal favorite ZG tournaments have been the Mamba Madness tournament held in Thousand Oaks, CA. Very organized and well ran tournament. We would love to make a trip to MA/NH to participate in the ZG Nationals
  • Our mission statement really embodies the approach we take every day and it’s something we want to live by!


¬†“Every child, every day.”
We strive to cater personalized practices and individualized training to all of our participants. We understand that no two players are the same and look to develop each and every player