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All Love Basketball Program Profile

All Love Basketball (ALB) was formed in 2014 behind the lofty ambitions of program director and basketball guru Devin Johnson. By every stretch, this southern Chicagoland program has met those lofty expectations and then some. Johnson, who has recently been appointed as the lead assistant coach at Kankakee Community College has experienced the game from just about every possible vantage point. From his time playing collegiately, as owner of the semi-pro Danville Riverhawks, as founder and program director of ALB, to his role as a volunteer freshman high school coach, Johnson has done it all for the love of the game. Being motivated by the love of the game has not only inspired the name of his program, but is something that he is sure is instilled in both his coaches and his players.

Coach Johnson took a break out of his busy schedule to allow us the chance highlight All Love Basketball, and give us some background on how the program has been built to what it is today. All Love began as a community program aimed to simply offer kids the opportunity to play, develop, and gain positive basketball experiences. While the program has grown into so much more than that, those core aims have stayed intact. As time has gone on they have grown to play in elite tournaments in the Midwest and beyond. Each year they have grown more and more as a program and expect this upcoming season to be their best yet as they’ve become an established name within the basketball community. Coach Johnson maintains that he and his coaches are hard on their players as a result of their unwavering love for them and their strong desire to see them get better and eventually compete at the next level. Something that he believes attracts kids to their program.

ALB provides both Elite and Select teams that offer different exposure and development opportunities to their players based on their skill levels. Johnson says they expect to have 10+ teams this year between the select and elite, this matched with a tough tournament and practice schedule will give them all the necessary tools to get to the next level (That being D1, D2, D3, NAIA, or JUCO Hoops). This is something that they pride themselves on as a program. Johnson attests to this by stating that the Endgame mission of ALB is to be putting their players into college programs, and that’s something they’ve been exceeding at and are set to be successful in again this season.

Zero Gravity could not be more excited to have All Love Basketball back on our Zero Gravity Spring Circuit in 2020! Coach Johnson and the ALB program have committed to be in the building for the 2020 Chicago Classic on May 2-3, and we can’t wait to see them battle with the best of the best! It is certainly refreshing to hear about a program like ALB that is doing things the right way and always putting their kids and community first! Be on the lookout for All Love Basketball this spring as they’ll be doing some big things!

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