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Today’s Program Profile brings us all the way to Altoona, PA, to meet with one of the fastest growing teams in Pennsylvania, All Day Hoops. Founded by an extremely accomplished player, Ryan Lestochi began All Day Hoops in October of 2017. He began and continues to run out of Summit Tennis & Athletic Club, where he’s gone from zero teams/players at the inception to now having 13 teams and many players involved in camps and lessons with the program. Ryan says his ability to create a “system” has made growth and his sustainability intact. He has coaches, his own website to promote his teams, camps, and lessons, as well as social media pages for the program to give his players exposure opportunities.

Running the program for his second full year, Ryan said that one specific memory doesn’t stand out as his favorite, but he always remembers and appreciates a player/parent thanks him for making a difference in his/her life. He also remembers anytime a someone will run up to him excited to let him know about how well they had performed in a game. He loves being able to see positive reactions coming from the kids in his program.

Ryan believes that All Day Hoops excels in their ability to begin working with kids at a young age and help them develop from as young as a kindergarten age to as old as seniors in high school. They have a very good coaching staff that can effectively teach the basics to those who need that, and then turn around and prepare high school level players for the next level. Their wide range of coaches have vastly different experiences in playing and coaching, and the players get to see a lot of different perspectives and methods when in practice and games because of that. This gives the players in the program a lot of different things to learn from a lot of highly experienced coaches.

Going off this, Ryan believes that the main factor in their growth and success over the last few years is that they very much care for the players in their program. They’re invested in their improvement as basketball players, and as their development as people. Ryan and his coaches have been able to build a culture around their motto, “Attitude and Effort”, which the players within the program have instilled into themselves. “We feel those are two things players from all skill levels can bring to the table.”

Ryan and the All Day Hoops program have come to the last two annual Coaches v Cancer tournaments at Spooky Nook Mother’s Day weekend, citing that as his favorite ZG memory and tournament. “We really enjoy Coaches v Cancer at Spooky Nook. We take a lot of our teams there and it’s a lot of fun when the older kids watch and cheer for the younger teams and vice versa.” The proudest moment Ryan has as Director is seeing the kids in his program wear All Day Hoops gear away from the court. It shows they are proud to be a part of what he has been able to create in All Day Hoops.

All Day Hoops and Ryan have been able to make a great impact in their community, providing more options for the kids in their community to learn the game. They’ve also given high school aged players a chance to play around the state and get in front of college coaches and show that they can play at the next level.

All Day Hoops is quickly becoming one of the best programs to be a part of Pennsylvania. Ryan and his team of coaches have done a fantastic job of building a great program from scratch. It’s a always a pleasure when All Day Hoops is able to join Zero Gravity for some of our tournaments, and we can’t wait to have them back with us again this Spring. Be sure to check out All Day Hoops on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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